“Tell None Whence We Came This Hour Today”

A Sonnet based on Mark 9:30-32.

1 “Tell none whence we came this hour today,

2 Still I must teach you my suff’ring to death,

3 The Son of Man’s soon extinguished breath

4 That will be all your trouble on that Day.”


5 How could He, the most holy Son of Man

6 Be handed over for trial by mankind?

7 He’s put to death? Could they wickedly bind

8 The Messiah with their own evil plan?


9 —Evil eyes; with glee they place the boulder.

10 He lay; for three days, in the sepulcher—

11 “Though they kill me soon, I will rise again.”

12 “What say we to Him?” think scared fishermen,


13 “Said not, the holy ones, ‘Coronation!

14 Taking his throne and our adoration?'”

My Comments On My Poem

I wrote this poem in 2018. It was a time when I really felt really on fire for HaShem. This is not to say that I have since lapsed; or before this, I was cold or lukewarm. Rather, it was a time that I was really excited about my growth in faith in Messiah Yeshua. I had graduated from UW-Madison 6 years prior, and I had not really perceived for myself a good way to share my faith or saw it grow significantly. In 2018, things began to happen that encouraged my faith, which led me to writing this poem. 

I really felt a strong comfort for my faith back then in the tension that Mark 9:30-32 told in its narrative. Some of the disciples had just come down from the Mount of transfiguration with the Master. The disciples had up to that point done great things by the authority of Yeshua. Yet, immediately after coming down the mountain, The disciples were unable to do what they could before. They could not heal the boy; even the father needed help from Yeshua to believe. It was also then that Yeshua began to tell of His death. I think the disciples were rightly overwhelmed. This was such a reversal from before!

Immediately, Yeshua began to talk about rising again?! I think the disciples had every reason to be confused! The Kingdom of Heaven by Yeshua’s authority had prior begun doing amazing things around them and through them, but had just suddenly stopped. What did Yeshua mean, rising again? “We’re already here!”, I can imagine them saying. However, Messiah knew that there was more to be done: The Kingdom of Heaven had received its King, yes; but now the Torah of HaShem needed to go forth to all the Nations in the earth.

HaShem has always been the Ruler of all the Creation. He also defeated the weapon that kings on earth wield against the people of the earth: that weapon is death.

Yeshua is Risen! He is Risen, Indeed! Rejoice in the Resurrection of our Master! Happy Passover and Happy Easter, brothers and sisters in our Messiah, King Yeshua!

What do you think of the tension that is presented in Mark chapter 9? Let me know in the comments!

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