Messianic Introspection

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This blog is intended to provoke deep thought into the texts of the Bible. The posts I write are my own journey in following Messiah Yeshua and I hope that it leads you to think more about your faith. I hope that you will enjoy thinking deeply and then share with the rest of us what you are thinking.

About Me

Brian loves to study and ponder on the Bible. He loves to teach Hebrew language and Messianic Judaism.

My name is Brian Palkki. I am an alumni of the University of Wisconsin and a student of the Master, Yeshua the Messiah (aka. Jesus Christ). I like to think deeply about texts, in general, but I specifically love texts related to the Bible and the Jewish literature. I love the God of Israel and His Chosen people, The Jewish people. I have a Messianic Jewish world view, and I am a Messianic Gentile by His Grace.



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