“Dune” By Frank Herbert: Why I Love Reading

The book, “Dune”, was a real influence on my life. Since the latest movie has come out, and I just watched it, I wanted to talk about my love for this story. My memories of interaction with the book is from childhood; I think I actually read it more than 25 years ago! I was most likely in middle/high school when I read “Dune.” But there are some real concrete memories concerning the book that I wanted to share. “Dune” was a book that I loved even before I read the book, thanks to my Father, but also my Mother, since she was the most avid reader in the family.

My parents really taught me to love books, to hold them as treasure. As I look back, I am so thankful they gave me a love for an author’s effort to tell me something with words, helping me to see, hear, taste, smell and feel things through written words and my imagination. In my life, I have taken so many things for granted. But to inherit from my parents love of reading has been the blessing I cannot understate.

I remember the reasons I wanted to read “Dune.” My key memories are:

  • I remember the hardback book “Dune” on the shelf without a dust cover from a very young age.
  • I was intrigued by the title.
  • I didn’t believe my parents would make a frivolous purchase on a book. It inspired me to love it even though I had no idea what it said.

I was too young to read “Dune” when I first saw it on our bookshelf, I know that for a fact. Nevertheless, I knew that book was important to my Dad. That book meant everything to me because of him. I knew someday I would read “Dune”. He gave the book an esteemed place among other great looking books; it was obvious to me that it was a great book in his eyes. I was a child, and though I knew “Dune” was beyond my ability to comprehend as a boy, it was important to my Dad, and I wanted to love it, too.

I was privileged to watch the latest theatrical rendition of “Dune” (2021) for the first time with my Dad. I remember, several months ago, my Dad shared the trailer for “Dune” with me. In subsequent conversations he had begun re-reading ALL the books prior to the release. He has already read through the entire series multiple times. His excitement is so real.

My Dad and I love so many of the same books. Same with my Mom, of blessed memory. I am thankful to my parents for giving me the gift to love reading.

I am so thankful to have experienced this movie with my Dad. If I may add, I think it is an excellent interpretation of the book. While it has been too many years since I read “Dune”, it hit on the tones and tensions as I remember them, when the younger me read it.

If you are interested in any more of my thoughts on the movie “Dune”, let me know!

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